About Us

Established in 1998, Nino was one of, if not the first, locally created restaurant concepts in Kuwait.

The flagship Nino location by the sea is a cornerstone of the GCC’s restaurant culture, and your presence has made it all possible.

The story of Principale Di Nino is a story of gratitude.

We are grateful for the sea, the sun, the stars; thankful to be staying close to our roots, staying home in our original location on the Arabian Gulf. Principale Di Nino is the rebirth of Nino, 22 years later.

While all of your favorite Nino locations and dishes across Kuwait and the GCC are remaining as they are, we took the opportunity to give ourselves a new challenge and to completely refurbish the original Nino and upgrade the menu.

The Principale Di Nino menu integrates farm-fresh produce, imported cheeses, and homemade pastas into classic Italian cuisine. Our produce partner is Kenanya Farms, our cheeses have been shipped in from XX, and our gourmet dishes were inspired by Italy’s coastal cuisine.

We’ve spent our energy on making this place feel like home – alive and full of love. Your presence is essential to electrifying the aura of Principale and completing the space. Thank you for being here, and part of Principale Di Nino’s first chapter.